VFX & Shader Work

Various VFX projects, both personal and professional.

VFX Artist
Zynga and myself
Unity 2017 and Phaser (HMTL 5)

(WIP) Trail Effect made using 2 trails and a few particles in Unity

(WIP) Fire effect for 2 variant fire types. Still need to add smoke and heat distortion, as well as ignition.

Additive Blend Shader with scrolling UVs, a cheap and easy way for more dynamic particles.

Sheen and Dissolve Shader for the Rewards Center in Zynga poker.

Faux Lightning Shader created for Boosts in Zynga Poker

Desaturation Shader for Zynga Poker

FX created in Phaser (HTML5) for Poker Showdown Leaderboard.

FX created in Phaser (HTML5) for Poker Showdown Big Win

FX created in Phaser (HTML 5) for Poker Showdown Regular Win Screen.